Thursday, October 28, 2010

Poems from Tyrone Guthrie Centre

Stepping back

from a country
a world
an economy in crisis

on a misty morning
I pocket acorns
raining down

pick up conkers
still creamy
in their wombs

promising to find
a vacant site,
damp soil for them.

After that
they’re on their own.

by Judy Russell


To say
I’ve been here
among the teacups
and the plates
the struggling
and the great

is enough

by Carol Boland



Wistful evening light and quiet
lends me a still life of leaves
fragile in their leaving, a brocade

of sycamore and oak, one sequoia tree
high, out of its world, blue limestone paths
and shadows green on green.

I memorise the moment
when darkness closes in, there will be
times when I shall  need it.

by Bernie Kenny

As I reach the lake

ripples reflect
lights of the morning
some pink like the dawn
more grey and silver

five ducks fly over
holding formation
like Children of Lir grown
smaller and brown

scoot quacking
on wavelets to shallows
the shelter of reeds
leaving the water

silent and still
as pools of your eyes
blue flecked with hazel
before they were closed.

On the shore under cover
of hazel and chestnut
mindfulness stretching
I breathe in this autumn.

by Rosy Wilson

Seven Poppy Pods Stand Tall
                                      after a painting by Helen Comerford

encrusted paint on board
wild red petals faded, fallen.
Seven round bellies fatten grey,
they are in pod, ready
to drop seed for spring
to rouse the flower.

came in late autumn
beyond showy petal
milk-filled sap, seed filled belly.

Bealtaine came in autumn
pregnant with words.
by Marguerite Colgan

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shed Poets at Tyrone Guthrie Centre

Five Shed Poets as members of Bealtaine Writers returned recently
from a week in the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Monaghan. With workshops each morning, swims in and boating on the lake, and lots of forest walks, there will be poems galore posted on this site shortly

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